Honcho God was born Taiwan Sanders-Boyd on 9/15/1996 in Plainfield, New Jersey. His love for music started at a young age, watching his family members rock to Percolator at cookouts and basement parties. His childhood dream was to become a Ruff 

Ryder, and becoming an artist was sparked by watching Meek Mill battle-rap on YouTube.  Honcho appreciated his content and authenticity and began the journey to greatness.


Honcho moved to a small town in NC in 2009.  Although he worked tirelessly to gain exposure there, it was slow-moving.  In 2017, he took a leap of faith and relocated to Charlotte, NC. There, he was able to connect with various local artists, DJ’s, promoters, and the like to build a steady and supportive following.  He returned to his roots in NJ for a short time, and put in major work - meeting and working with local artists, doing features, and learning about musical engineering; His sound is unique - where drill, delivery, and talent create a musical trifecta that we never knew we needed.  


The Queen City is excited for his recent homecoming in April 2021, and looks forward to all that he has to share with this city and beyond.  His mother used to tell him that things she said went ‘in one ear and out the other’.  But now, his music travels through the ears of his supporters and fans - and never leaves.


Mouf the Messenger (Messenger of Unspoken Feelings) was born Je’Von Kelsey Davis-Holloman on 9/6/2000 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.  His mother and father’s roots are hailed in Brooklyn, NY and Newark, NJ respectively. He has been writing songs since he learned how to spell only ever had a Plan A - to be the BEST RAPPER ALIVE! Music has been - and always will be - his first love.


Over the years, Mouf continued to hone his craft, performing at various talent shows and school events. His music library contains over 200 tracks that appeal to the masses; from love to anger, pain to pleasure, and everything in between; he literally has a song for everyone.  He signed to We Made Us Entertainment in 2019, a family-managed label that embodies struggle, determination, drive, and perseverance - all of which Mouf is more than familiar with. 


2020 was a tough year for many, but Mouf thrived - releasing 2 EP’s, recording several videos, and gaining a huge following in Charlotte, NC.  To close out the year, in December 2020, Mouf had an opportunity to perform for Charlotte-native Da Baby; that interaction made him go viral overnight - with instagram followers increasing to over 20k and a confirmation that God makes no mistakes.  


Mouf the Messenger is not just a name; it’s a calling and a vibe.